Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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Certified Pre-Owned. The smarter way to buy and sell real estate. You don't need us to tell you that buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience.

Now there's one way to alleviate some of the concerns for buyers not wanting to be stuck with a money pit, or sellers that are concerned with the risk of 11th hour re-negotiations and costly unscrupulous repair demands. Use the CPOL listing program and get the additional peace of mind you deserve.

All CPOL inspectors are seasoned professionals, having been in business for atleast two years, completed atleast 250 full home inspections, and carry all the necessary business insurances as outlined on their company profile. Our inspectors must also pass a background check to be approved to conduct inspections under this program.

Certified Pre-Owned Listings virtually eliminate all the pitfalls and hassles associated with waiting to do the inspections until a buyer is found. The inspection fee to the seller is a small amount to pay for your buyer's peace of mind, a smoother transaction and less risk of renegotiations. Waiting to schedule an inspection until after a home goes under contract is just too late in today's real estate market! Prepare ahead of time and preclude many of the contingencies that could arise later.

CPOL inspectors give the agent and seller multiple copies of the summary inspection report to share with potential buyers that tour the home. CPOL inspections are a benefit to all parties. Please read through the entire site to learn about the different advantages a Certified Pre-Owned Listing can offer to each party involved in the sale of a home.

They are a win-win for everyone involved in the transaction.
Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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