What Happens After I Schedule My Inspection?
Once you have scheduled your inspection with an approved CPOL inspector, they will be notified via email that an inspection has been booked. Typically the company will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of the inspection, and address any questions or issues you may have. At this time, the inspector will outline the inspection fees if different from what reflected online (sometimes there are additional fees for services which may not have been selected in the scheduling process) and send you their pre-inspection agreement, and other pertinent paperwork.
If you have any questions before the company gets in touch with you, please call the company directly or visit their Website. To contact CPOL directly, please call 866.499.4918.
What Happens After the Inspection?

Once your inspection is complete, your inspector will put the home through the rating system. If your house passes, your listing will immediately become live and searchable! At this point, you can log in to your backend to upload additional documents regarding the home, the contract, mortgage quotes, etc. You inspector will also give your agent the Buyer's Binder for you to leave on the counter and fill with information for potential buyers touring your home. The inspector will also give your agent a sign rider to advertise your home as a Certified Pre-Owned Listing on top of your agent For Sale sign. Now you can sit back, relax and let the offers come in! Your risk is reduced and the offers will be based on the full disclosure you have provided your buyer.

If defects are found during the inspection, you have several options so that your house can still become a Certified Pre-Owned Listing. You can have the defects repaired before listing the home, disclose them to potential buyers and price your home accordingly, or you may choose to sell as is. All of these options will require the inspector to re-rate your home based on your choice. Once the home is re-rated, your listing will become live and your home can be advertised as a Certified Pre-Owned Listing, with all the items mentioned above given to you at that time.

Typically, the inspection procedure follows this process:

  1. Inspection is performed within a specified time.
  2. The Inspection Report & Photo Journal is delivered to you and copies of the inspection summary are given to leave for potential buyers. These Summaries can be printed at any time from with the Seller and Agent backends.
  3. The inspector rates the home on the technology.
  4. The home passes the rating system.
  5. The listing becomes live and searchable on the website.
  6. The Buyer's Binder and Sign Rider are given to the agent to help advertise the home.
  7. The home sells with less hassle!

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