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CPOL Binder

CPOL Buyer Binder

Every CPOL inspector will send you or your agent a CPOL sales package once your home passes the rating system, which includes an organizational binder for all the information and important documents related to your home. Assembling the CPOL sales package will help you organize your home for your new buyer and provide the professional and caring image your new buyers expect and deserve.

This binder, available with each listing package, organizes you with the information you should assemble as part of the program. The binder should be left on the countertop next to the Inspection Summaries, for potential buyers to peruse while looking at the house. The binder states on the spine that it is to be left in the house so that buyers do not take it away as they leave.

It has 11 sections which CPOL feels important for sellers to fill with the appropriate documents for complete disclosure to buyers.

  • Real Estate Documents - This section is to be used for the contract, what the seller is willing to accept and other seller contingencies.
  • Home Inspection Reports - This section can be used to put the full inspection reports for viewing.
  • Miscellaneous Inspection Reports - This section should be used for any other reports for inspections the seller has had such as WDO/WDI/Termite Reports, Indoor Air Quality Reports, Energy Star Reports, etc.
  • Disclosure Documents - In this section, the seller can add past repair history receipts or documentation, contractor bids for repairs needed on the home, etc.
  • Appraisal and Survey Documents - Should the seller wish, they can include the appraisal and/or survey documentation under this tab.
  • Warranty Information - As part of the program, it is encouraged that the agent or seller offer a home warranty witht he purchase of the home. This tab would house that documentation and certificate.
  • Insurance Documents - If the seller or agent wish, they can include copies of their insurance policies or sample quotes for homeowner's insurance on the property.
  • Energy Consumption - In this section, sellers can include past water and electricity bills to give the potential buyer an idea of their monthly expenditures in this area.
  • Mortgage Information - If the seller or agent wish, they can get several quotes from mortgage companies or include their own mortgage payments on the property. This may help the potential buyer determine if they truly can afford the property, eliminating future headaches for you in the transaction.
  • Miscellaneous Information - Any additional items the seller would like to include can be placed here.
  • Glossary - This section includes a 150-page glossary of defects commonly found in homes. This glossary can be used to better understand the terms on the inspection reports.

This binder is to be given to the buyer of the home at closing to continue to fill with important documents so everything is in one easy-to-find place.

These documents can also be available online, with the sellers permission. Inspectors, agents or sellers themselves can use the upload function of this technology to make available any of the disclosure documents for registered buyers.
Answering all the questions up front, organizing all your home's paperwork and minimizing most of the risk of the home purchase goes a long way to help you sell your home and instill peace of mind to your new buyer!
Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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