Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
After the Inspection
To be part of the Certified Pre-Owned Listing program, sellers are REQUIRED to make all inspection reports, including the home inspection, termite inspection, or any other additional inspection available to potential buyers of the home. Other documents can also be made available if they are relevant such as repair history information, seller’s disclosures, contractor bids for upgrades, and of course the homes rating results for the program.

By having all this information available to you, the buyer, CPOL believes you will make a more informed decision on which home meets your requirements and standards in terms of risk, condition and peace of mind. This is one of the largest investments of your life! Protect that investment with the full disclosure of a Certified Pre-Owned Listing!

By becoming part of this program as a buyer, you can review as much information as is provided on the CPOL listings, compare ratings between homes and much more! Remember though, there is no perfect house nor is there ever a perfect home inspection report.

Like a car, a home requires a lot of maintenance. When reviewing the various reports, please keep this in mind, and compare the true conditions that will affect your decision to purchase the home. Try to decipher between typical maintenance expenses and major repair corrections or replacements. Caulking, painting and servicing systems or components are all typical budgetary necessities similar to changing the filters and oil in your car, providing of course they have not been ignored and left to create more serious concerns!

An example, every new homeowner is advised to service the central heating and air conditioning system, so that when you move in, the air circulating is clean. Will this need alter your decision to purchase the home? More than likely, it will not.

When reviewing the inspection information, again, try to focus on the major areas of concern. Examples would include roof leakage repairs or aging roof systems, structural problems, or siding problems all of which require capital expenditure to replace or repair the issues noted.

Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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