Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
Marketing Program

Today, most markets are up atleast 34% in listing inventory from last year alone. For home inspectors, marketing prelistings inspections today can be far more profitable than conventional marketing of resale home inspections. You are now open to the thousands of listings, not competing with 400 other inspectors for the limited number of contracts and closings.

There are two ways you can market the CPOL program depending on your position in the market and your connections. Here is an explanation of each.


Today, many brokers are looking for ways to sell their agent's listings. After all, they also get paid when a listing sells. For those inspectors that have close connections to large real estate brokers, the Certified Pre-Owned Listing program could be brought to thousands of their listings. Volume inspections can have economies of scale savings and as such, you may be able to offer discounted rates, or additional services over and above the typical inspection. If someone offers you 1,000 inspections over the next six months to schedule at your convenience, I am sure you would relook at the retail price of your services!

Real Estate Agents

From our research today, most professional full-time real estate agents have approximately 25 ongoing listings they are trying to sell. The goal of these agents is to bring in more traffic to these listings. One of the best options for them is the CPOL program. A home that passes the CPOL rating system, with a sign rider in the front yard, and mention of its CPOL status on the MLS listing form will always bring more traffic and more attention. More of these mean a better chance of selling that listing!

Your personal relationship with agents, is the key to increasing your inspection business. Helping agents sell their listings is a plus for you and your business. Most inspectors have atleast 75 key agents who consistently use their services. If each commited to only 5 CPOL inspections for the inspector over the next year, well, you do the numbers! Don't forget the additional fees associated with reinspections for the new buyers!

In all, this program is the way to sell real estate with the condition of the market today. Talk to your agents, talk to your brokers, you'll find they are willing to try anything. If you get a presentation for the program lined up for atleast 100 agents, contact us! We'll fly to wherever you are and present the program FOR you, for FREE! We'll mention you as the approved inspection company in their area, answer all their questions and bring you business!

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Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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