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In a market that has turned 180 degrees over the last two years, sellers and agents are competing more and more for fewer and fewer buyers. Some sellers are paying higher agent commissions, giving away cars and other material incentives and some are even replacing roof coverings prematurely just to sell their homes! Agents are EVEN giving listings back or turning them down because of the market conditions, or because of the sellers unrealistic perception of the home's value! 

As the market has tightened recently even more, we have seen buyers no longer interested in these incentives, but more interested in the renegotiating process after their inspection is done. Buyers are looking for ways to knock every dollar off the asking price they can. As a result, sellers are being subjected to excruciating renegotiation processes. Many sellers have had to reduce the asking price of the home by thousands just to keep the deal together. Many are fixing repairs outside the real estate contract to keep the buyer happy. In all, it is costing sellers thousands of dollars. Much more than if they had their home inspected before any contract was accepted.

How can you help them?

As we all know, prelisting inspections, if done correctly are an excellent way to disclose the true condition of any home for sale. They can eliminate 11th-hour headaches, additional repair expenses, cancelled contracts and much more! In all, they give buyers the peace of mind they deserve when buying a home. Again, if done correctly.

With the market downturn, agents are beginning to acknowledge this and many are finding out that it is far easier to sell a pre- inspected home than one that is not pre-inspected. In some cases, pre-appraising the home can also help with communicating the true value of the home to the seller. By knowing this information, sellers are keener to adjust their asking prices accordingly. These proactive approaches by agents are without question reducing the number of listings they are either turning down or giving back and increasing the probability of faster sales! You can offer your agents a way to sell their homes FASTER!

Under the Certified Pre-Owned Listing Program, Inspectors who conduct inspections are able to help their sellers and agents with the sale of the home by marketing a product that has met minimum rating criteria. For homes to be listed online, they must have passed the rating criteria in the CPOL technology!

This program is exactly that, a complete PROGRAM for you, your agents, sellers and even the buyers! It is not simply an inspection with a sign in the front yard. These signs mean NOTHING to your buyers!

Other concepts are popping up left and right, but NONE compare to the technology and marketing power CPOL can give to your agents and sellers.

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Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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