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CPOL Sign Rider

CPOL Sign Rider

The CPOL Sign Riders are part of the Listing Packages and are 2-color, sturdy aluminum 6" x 24" signs. The sign rider should be used on every inspection. This is the way the seller separates their home from the other 12 for sale on their block. Imagine, a buyer driving with their agent down the street to tour a home, they see the Certified Pre-Owned Listing sign and wonder what it is and why the home they are touring is not. What will this create? More traffic for the CPOL home!

In our focus groups, we've asked sellers two questions:

Question 1: If they visited two homes one was a CPOL, the other was not, but both matched their requirements, on which house would they make an offer? The answer was unanimous in every group: The Certified Pre-Owned Listing.

Question 2: Of the two homes mentioned above, if they liked the home that was not a CPOL more, what would they do. Again unanimous answers: I would go back and renegotiate with the seller of the unrated home to make it a Certified Pre-Owned Listing.

Also, inspectors should consider personalizing the sign riders through the CPOL program as neighboring homes for sale will be curious and interested in an inspection once one home gets inspected. If your contact information is on the sign rider below the CPOL logo, who's going to get that inspection? More often than not, YOU!

The cost of the standard sign riders are $15 each. Bulk orders can be placed in groups of 10 for $11 each. Companies wishing to customize the sign riders please call for a quote.

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Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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