Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
Welcome Buyers!
  • Purchasing a CPOL is a far more educated choice. You get the facts up front. You get to see exactly where your future home ranks with its peers. You also get the benefit of the seller paying for the inspection by an experienced inspector, and still have the ability to have your own if you wish.

  • Brokers and agents involved in this program are committed to selling better homes.

    They want you to be completely satisfied with their service and the home you buy. Complete disclosure ensures that all parties are comfortable with their decision and completely happy with the outcome. Agents don't want any upset customers or issues down the line that could potentially lead to liability or litigation for any of the parties involved.

    Choosing a caring real estate professional that works for you is the best decision you can make.

    Here are some of the other advantages of choosing a CPOL.
  Advantages of CPOL to You, the Buyer:
• The inspection has been completed and the home's defects are fully disclosed!
• The inspection is paid for by the seller!
• The report is an accurate, third-party view of the condition of the home!
• There are no surprises! Make your offer based on the facts given up front.
• Any issues can be corrected or brought up prior to making an offer on the home.
• The need for negotiations and 11th-hour renegotiations is drastically reduced saving you headaches!
• The report may assist in acquiring financing for the property.
• You can make your offer stand out, without increasing the offering price by waiving inspections!
Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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